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Access Control Systems

We offer commercial and domestic clients with a full access control solutions including supply, installation and maintenance of systems.

Electronic Locking

A wide rage of cost effective locking systems are available to suite every type of locking scenario, these can range from Magnetic locks / Solenoid / Hook bolts /Magnetic shear locks / Strike locks, all of which are available for internal and external applications, together with associated fixing brackets allowing a locking solution for any application.

Electronic Interlock Systems

"Air lock" type systems, which are particularly effective in cash handling and environment control situations. No progress can be made until the entry door is locked; ensuring movement flow is completely controlled. Suitable for nursery and primary schools, care homes, cash handling facilities etc.

Biometrics Finger Scanner

Biometrics offers very high security option units can be both surface and flush mounted and interfaced to operate any access solution. The unit requires a valid fingerprint read from an individual who is in turn crossed checked from the systems database, once confirmed access is granted, with this option the information cannot be shared making this technology full proof.

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