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CCTV Systems

We offer comprehensive CCTV solutions that empower your security staff, drive productivity improvement and make your facilities safer and more secure. Whether you’ve a single building, a campus or disparate geographical locations, we can custom design, install, integrate, monitor and maintain all of your security requirements.

Our closed circuit television systems protect your business with reliable 24 hour surveillance. Our CCTV surveillance solutions can be used for recording the activity occurring both inside and outside your premises and can be linked to your smartphones or tablets (iPhone, iPad etc) in real time. In line with our commitment to provide the very best security service, we advise you on the optimum combination of CCTV surveillance cameras, recording equipment and lighting to protect your business form theft, violence and vandalism.

From closed circuit television (CCTV) systems that monitor perimeter fencing, points of entry/egress, docking stations and hazardous work environments to advanced applications that integrate monitoring and control of access control, security management and digital video surveillance/retrieval, we can meet your dynamic security requirements.

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